Chin Contouring

The chin has a major impact on the profile, proportion, and harmony of the face. Factors (including aging or genetics) can produce an unbalanced chin that compromises an individual’s aesthetic appearance — such as a weak, receding chin, or a chin that is relatively smaller than other facial features. With the nose in particular, a relatively small chin causes the nose to look overly large or too prominent, impacting the overall facial profile and balance. Chin Augmentation (or Chin Contouring) is a customized, nonsurgical treatment which reshapes, defines, and contours the chin to enhance chin prominence, balance, and proportions of the facial profile for an aesthetically-pleasing appearance of the overall face.

Tailored to the individual’s goals and anatomy, Non-surgical Chin Contouring involves adding volume to the chin by injecting a Dermal Fillers into and around the chin, instantly providing definition to the chin and lower face as well as creating a more prominent chin that is in proportion to other features on the face — for a polished, balanced facial appearance that lasts approximately 18 months.

For overall profile balancing of the face to maximize an individual’s beauty and youthfulness, Dr. Hamilton recommends combining Chin Contouring/Augmentation with structural contouring procedures of other important parts of the face, namely Cheekbone Contouring, Jawline Contouring, and Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty (Nose Reshaping) . The cumulative effect of making several micro-adjustments to facial profile, symmetry, harmony, and proportion, artistically creates highly-contoured, light-reflecting cheekbones, an elegantly projected, well-defined chin, a sculpted jawline, and a beautifully-shaped, straightened nose with a beautiful defined, lifted tip — all of which optimally balances the overall face, creates a glowing, natural-looking facial appearance, and maximally enhances a person’s beauty.

For a more permanent result, Dr. Hamilton can instead surgically optimize the chin in two different ways: either with a Surgical Chin Augmentation (using Facial Fat Transfer to harvest and inject the patient’s own fat into the designated area for profile balance and facial harmony), or with a Surgical Chin Implant Procedure (inserting a silicone chin implant into the chin for structural balance and facial harmony). All three contouring options (dermal filler, fat grafting, or chin implant) optimize facial profile and balance to reveal every patient’s own individual beauty — enabling each person to look and feel confident and radiant.