The breasts comprise a defining feature of the female body and a prime focal point of femininity. Dr. Kristy Hamilton, as a female, board-certified plastic surgeon, has a unique understanding and appreciation of her patients’ aesthetic goals and the special role that breasts play in helping women feel confident and beautiful. With her signature, customized approach, Dr. Hamilton—who is located in Houston, TX—combines artistry, precision, and surgical expertise to the full range of aesthetic breast procedures. As a result, she achieves finesse, transformative results—beautiful breasts with elegant cleavage, contour, volume, and symmetry featuring a natural look with virtually imperceptible signs of surgery. Dr. Hamilton’s passion is to fulfill your aesthetic goals—creating a stunning appearance with a shapely, exquisitely feminine physique and silhouette.

“Every day, I seek to blend the artistic and the functional, to help patients achieve their goals and feel their most confident. Each woman is unique in her own anatomy, her dreams and vision — and each person deserves a customized approach to aesthetic surgery. My passion is to fulfill your goals and provide you with the beautiful breast appearance you desire.”

Dr. Kristy Hamilton

Breast Augmentation with Implants

The breast augmentation procedure addresses the significant effects genetics, pregnancy, aging, and gravity can exert on the breasts in order to produce a youthful, balanced appearance and profile. The procedure is customized to the goals and aesthetic interests of each patient, and Dr. Hamilton offers a range of implant sizes, shapes, and brands. She utilizes advanced biometrics to help plan out the optimal position for your implants, resulting in proportionate, natural-looking breast enhancement. During the procedure, Dr. Hamilton meticulously places each breast implant via a single, tiny incision and a sterile, non-touch technique using a Keller Funnel. The implant is directly transferred from its sterile container to the funnel before being squeezed into the breast pocket—all without touching the patient’s skin or even the surgeon’s hands. From there, a beautiful, natural-looking contour results.

The tiny, 1” incisions are precisely hidden in the fold under each breast. Many patients find that they only need 2-4 days off work due to Dr. Hamilton’s rapid-recovery method. The breasts should fully drop and settle in about three months. Dr. Hamilton’s passion is to fulfill your goals and provide you with the beautiful breast appearance you desire so you can live your most confident life.

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Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer

Fat transfer or fat grafting to the chest is an alternative to traditional breast augmentation, which uses implants. Using fat harvested from the patient’s own body, volume can be added to the breasts for an exceedingly natural-looking enhancement. The fat is usually extracted from the abdomen via liposuction before being injected into the breasts and sculpted into the desired position. This technique can also be used to enhance the look of breast implants by filling out the breast contours and nipple area.

Breast Lift

Mastopexy—also called breast lift—is a powerful operation that removes excess skin and tightens tissue to reshape and lift the breasts, creating youthful-looking, balanced contours. This surgery is especially common after pregnancy due to its ability to restore the breasts to their original, pre-pregnancy shape by addressing the sagging, drooping, and flatness that often accompany childbirth and breastfeeding. Using advanced surgical techniques, Dr. Hamilton can help reshape the breasts and lift them to a more elevated position on the chest wall. She can also restore the nipples to their original position above the breast fold and optimize the overall projection, position, and symmetry of the breasts. The results of a breast lift are designed to be extremely natural-looking, and Dr. Hamilton is well-known for her meticulous approach to incision placement and scar care.

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Breast Augmentation with Lift

Augmentation Mastopexy—commonly referred to as either a breast augmentation with lift or a breast lift with implants—is a technique for enhancing both the volume and projection of the breasts. It combines the tissue reshaping and elevating abilities of a mastopexy with the figure-enhancing properties of implants for comprehensive breast rejuvenation. Dr. Hamilton places a major emphasis on creating customized, balanced results that accentuate a woman’s figure in a way that is beautiful and proportionate.

Breast Reduction

A breast reduction can help address a number of concerns caused by overly large or heavy breasts while also enhancing the aesthetics of the chest. In some cases, the breasts may become enlarged or distended as a result of pregnancy, breastfeeding, or weight fluctuations. In other cases, a woman may naturally develop larger breasts as early as her teenage years. Dr. Hamilton will thoroughly discuss your specific goals and aesthetic interests during your consultation in order to create a treatment plan that best addresses your needs. During the procedure, excess fat and tissue can be removed, the surrounding skin is tightened, and the nipples can be elevated to a more natural-looking position on the chest. Breast reduction patients often report both aesthetic and functional improvements after surgery, including decreased neck and back pain and enhanced confidence when trying on clothes.

I’ve loved the WHOLE experience from the start! Dr. Hamilton and her staff are phenomenal and I have & will continue to refer others.”

Tenesha T.

Breast Implant Removal and Exchange

For a variety of reasons, a woman may decide she either wants to remove her implants entirely or replace them with new ones. During your consultation, Dr. Hamilton will work to understand your goals and help you decide on a treatment plan that best meets your expectations. For some women, this may involve selecting a new size or type of implant in order to correct existing issues or reflect their changing aesthetic interests. For those who are not replacing their implants and are interested in alternative methods of breast enhancement, Dr. Hamilton can recommend options that may work best, such as breast lift or fat transfer to the breasts.

Areola Reduction

Areola reduction, also known as nipple reduction, is a procedure that reduces the size of the pigmented area surrounding the nipple. This can be performed as an individual treatment for those who are uncomfortable with the size or shape of their areolas, or it can be included as a part of another breast procedure. It is often incorporated into breast lifts and reductions to ensure that the nipple-areola complex is proportional to the newly resized or lifted breasts. Some patients may also choose to undergo areola reduction on only one breast in order to improve overall symmetry. Dr. Hamilton will work with you to understand your goals so she can best give you the chest aesthetic you desire.

Breast Revision

Breast revision encompasses a variety of different treatment options that are designed to enhance, correct, or otherwise improve upon the results of a previous breast procedure. Dr. Hamilton understands that the decision to pursue a breast revision is often very personal, and she will work closely with you to understand your specific concerns. As both a plastic surgeon and reconstructive microsurgeon, she is equipped with the requisite skill and anatomical knowledge to perform the often complex and delicate work needed to restore a more natural-looking, symmetrical breast appearance.