PRP Hair Restoration

The identity of human beings is deeply and innately connected to their relationship with their hair. When people start to experience hair thinning, the event can provoke distress. In recent times, PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) Hair Restoration has become a very popular methodology to stimulate the healing, growth, and regeneration of an individual’s remaining active hair follicles to cause a resurgence of natural, thicker hair in treated areas. Houston-based plastic surgeon Kristy L. Hamilton, MD offers this advanced treatment in order to help her patients regain the confidence many associate with having thick, lustrous, youthful-looking hair.

A concentrate of Platelet-Rich Plasma — obtained from the patient’s own blood after spinning it in a centrifuge — is meticulously injected directly into the scalp. Injections of PRP — which is abundant in special proteins and growth factors — trigger collagen production and the growth of dermal papilla (hair) cells situated at the base of the hair follicles, which boosts the amount of reparative hair cells produced. Three treatments spaced four weeks apart are recommended for optimal results, followed by maintenance treatments every 3–6 months.

Because Platelet-Rich Plasma possesses an abundance of healing and stimulating properties that promote cell growth, it can also be effectively injected into the face to stimulate and accelerate the rejuvenation of facial skin tissue, optimizing skin quality, tone, and texture. PRP Hair Restoration Therapy effectively causes a resurgence of thicker, fuller hair growth with no downtime. It restores a youthful vibrancy and luster to the hair, which is a game-changer for those experiencing hair loss.