Lip Augmentation

Throughout history, human beings have considered full, plump, well-defined lips as a sign of beauty and youthfulness. The appearance of people’s lips — from their shape and proportion to their color and volume — can remarkably affect the overall perception of their facial features. Lip Augmentation — one of the most popular aesthetic treatments performed today — is a finesse, minimally-invasive, nonsurgical procedure using Dermal Fillers — that subtly adds volume and plumps lips which increases the height of the lips vertically, minimizes the appearance of fine lines in the lips, and adds beautiful definition, shape, and proportion to transform the lips into a well-balanced, symmetrical, exquisite appearance.

Dr. Hamilton fully customizes each lip-augmentation treatment performed, precisely focusing on making the tiniest changes to the lips, with her aesthetic eye, to fulfill each patient’s aesthetic goals. In today’s modern world, beautiful lips are typically characterized by a 1:1.6 ratio where the volume of the lower lip is slightly fuller than that of the upper lip, or alternatively, a 1:1 ratio of upper-to-lower lip volume.

With artistic vision and precision. Dr. Hamilton creates exquisitely contoured, soft, full, symmetrical lips — with well-defined borders and a refined, meticulously-sculpted Cupid’s bow.