Jawline Contouring

The jawline — one of the most defining features of the human face — provides the structural scaffolding for the entire face, shape to the chin and lower face, and a frame for other facial features. An ideal jawline symbolizes beauty, youth, health, vitality, and confidence, as well as feminine elegance and refinement, or masculine power and strength.

Human beings associate a youthful, elegant, feminine face with the shape of a “V,” where the face showcases high cheekbones and full cheeks (at its widest point) and tapers off into a smooth, sculpted, well-defined, contoured jawline — which creates a sharp, crisp border that forms a harmonious balance with the rest of the face. In contrast, humans consider a chiseled, sharp, well-defined, angular, structured jawline as having a strong masculine shape.

Over time, natural aging gradually inverts a V-shaped face — cheeks flatten, nose-to-mouth nasolabial folds appear, and the sharp, sculpted contours of the jawline and chin sag and become obscured. The widest part of the face now sits at the jawline, creating an overly-square lower face with asymmetry, sagging, and hollowness. Genetics also can cause a weak, receding, sagging, heavy, unbalanced jawline.

Whether aging or genetics is involved, Dr. Hamilton can artistically reshape and revitalize the jawline non-surgically with Jawline Contouring, making adjustments that are so precise and tiny — yet produce such a powerful transformation of the jawline shape and facial profile — that the appearance of an individual’s entire face is enhanced — the reason why jawline-contouring treatments have recently skyrocketed in popularity.

Dr. Hamilton’s jawline transformations are fully customized to fulfill patient goals: an elegant, firm, smooth, sculpted, contoured, feminine shape, or alternatively, a chiseled, sculpted, angular, well-defined, structured masculine shape. These transformations are achieved with Jawline Contouring (or Jawline Augmentation), a jaw-sculpting treatment that adds injectable dermal fillers (either Juvederm, Restylane, or Radiesse) in and around the jaw and pre-jowl area to instantly contour and add youth-enhancing volume, definition, balance and symmetry to the jawline — for a refined, smooth, sculpted look that involves no downtime. This technique strengthens the chin proportionally to enhance the facial profile, minimizes the appearance of pre-jowls, and provides a strong frame for the face — creating a youthful, confidence-boosting revitalization of the jawline, facial profile, and face itself.

Juvederm and Restylane are both dermal fillers consisting of a gel based on hyaluronic acid, a powerful humectant that attracts and retains water molecules in the treated area to volumize and plump it. Radiesse is a different type of injectable dermal filler that instead uses a calcium-based solution. Radiesse adds volume, stimulates the production of collagen (a protein in the body responsible for the skin’s framework, elasticity, and firmness) within the skin, and forms a scaffold for the skin. All three injectables provide immediate contouring results. However, Radiesse also provides additional long-term improvement, helping to restore collagen lost from aging. Depending on metabolism, Juvederm and Restylane last up to 12-24 months, while Radiesse lasts up to 2 years.

Jawline Contouring can be combined with many other nonsurgical and surgical treatments that tighten, lift, and contour the face and neck to further enhance an individual’s overall facial and neck aesthetic, for example: