Facial Contouring

Cheek, Chin, Neck, and Jawline Contouring

The facial features that make up the lower third of the face—the chin, neck and jawline—have a significant impact on one’s overall appearance. The goals behind the procedures that address these areas are to create a smooth, defined, finely sculpted chin and neck with a contoured jawline to reveal a youthful, refreshed appearance.

Submental (Chin) Liposuction

Submental (chin) liposuction is the gold-standard, minimally-invasive procedure that contours and defines a sharp jawline. Patients of all shapes and sizes—even very thin patients—can lack definition of the jawline, a trait that is often hereditary. Removal of even a small amount of fat in a precise manner can create a subtle yet dramatic change while maintaining the character of the face. Dr. Hamilton’s technique (unlike non-surgical alternatives such as Kybella®) enables her patients to immediately see visible results, which become more prominent and well-defined over the subsequent months.

Chin Augmentation

The chin plays a major role in establishing the overall balance of the face and profile, and chin augmentation is designed to improve facial harmony by altering the shape, fullness, and/or projection of the chin. Depending on the needs of the patient, Dr. Hamilton can utilize chin implants, fillers, genioplasty (surgical chin reshaping), or a combination to help achieve the desired result. For optimal aesthetic outcomes, she will take into consideration the ratios between your nose, chin, and supporting facial features. Chin augmentation is often performed alongside rhinoplasty or liquid rhinoplasty for improved balancing of the entire profile.

Buccal Fat Pad Reduction

Buccal fat pad reduction accentuates the cheekbones and creates a slimmer overall facial aesthetic by reducing the size of the naturally-occurring fat deposits in the cheeks. Dr. Hamilton will carefully analyze the shape of your face and the volume of your cheeks in order to determine precisely how much fat should be removed to create the desired result while still retaining youthful facial proportions.

Lip Lift

Lip lifts alter the shape and volume of the lips based on the aesthetic goals of the patient. In some cases, patients may wish to restore a more youthful balance and fullness to their lips as part of a facelift. In other cases, patients may wish to plump their upper and/or lower lip with longer-lasting results than fillers can typically provide. As both a plastic surgeon and an artist, Dr. Hamilton possesses a keen eye for facial aesthetics and balance. She takes into account the entire face as well as the ratio of tooth exposure when a patient smiles in order to produce results that look balanced, proportionate, and beautifully suited to a patient’s preferred aesthetic.