As the centerpiece of the face, the appearance of the human nose plays a pivotal role in defining an individual’s natural beauty. Rhinoplasty – nose reshaping – is a transformative surgical procedure that optimizes the shape, structure, and profile of the nose to create facial balance and harmony.

Dr. Kristy Hamilton is a highly trained, board-certified plastic surgeon in Houston who skillfully practices the Art and Science of Rhinoplasty—one of the most complex procedures existing in plastic surgery—using her sophisticated aesthetic eye, advanced surgical skills, mathematical precision, and deep knowledge of the anatomy of the face and nose to create exquisite, balanced, harmonious noses.

Dr. Hamilton’s expertise in nasal aesthetics and signature, state-of-the-art surgical techniques draws patients from across the United States and throughout the world because of her stellar results optimizing a patient’s nasal shape and size to improve the entire facial appearance. Whether Dr. Hamilton surgically enhances the nose of a first-time rhinoplasty patient, or that of a new patient desiring her to correct previous rhinoplasty work done elsewhere, Dr. Hamilton’s patients say her exquisitely natural approach to nasal shaping and functionality are life-changing, triggering a boost in self-confidence and quality of life.

With a customized treatment plan, Dr. Hamilton offers the complete range of Rhinoplasty surgeries to achieve the aesthetic facial goals of each of her patients, including:

Each nose is unique to each individual. Dr. Hamilton specializes in using her innovative, advanced rhinoplasty techniques artistically to achieve a key goal in rhinoplasty surgery: delicately and skillfully fading the nose into the background—with precision and care—to draw attention to the naturally-attractive facial features of her patients, especially the eyes and cheekbones. Rhinoplasty is a specialized surgery of precise, millimeter-level changes. As such, Dr. Hamilton’s fine hands, meticulous attention to detail, and her intrinsic aesthetic judgment produce finesse micro-adjustments to the nose—creating a refined, beautiful nose that is in proportion to the rest of the face and provides facial profile balancing for ultimate beauty—while also optimizing breathing functionality as required. All of these adjustments significantly increase the individual’s quality of life.

Dr. Hamilton’s ability to perform advanced, state-of-the-art Revision Rhinoplasty (correcting previously performed rhinoplasties performed elsewhere) enables her patients to live and breathe confidently again – and go out into the world feeling good about themselves. Dr. Hamilton believes every patient is uniquely beautiful – her passion for rhinoplasty surgery results in transformational enhancements that boost her patients’ facial beauty, while always maintaining their individual facial identity.

What Is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is ultra-precise surgery designed to enhance the shape, size, structure, and appearance of the nose aesthetically to optimize your entire facial appearance —and, if required, functionally to optimize breathing. Dr. Hamilton conducts a systematic facial analysis together with her compassionate, patient-focused approach to create a customized treatment plan, tailored to the unique requirements as well as the aesthetic and functional goals of each of her patients. To perform this complex surgery, Dr. Hamilton blends artistry, precision, and skill to deliver exceptionally beautiful outcomes for each patient.

Nasal shape and breathing are related. Therefore, whenever Dr. Hamilton performs Rhinoplasty Surgery, she always includes Septoplasty—surgery to straighten and repair a deviated (bent or crooked) septum, the thin wall separating the left and right nostrils. A deviated septum obstructs airflow through the nose, causing difficulty breathing. Dr. Hamilton straightens the septum to beautifully restore and improve her patients’ ability to breathe, thereby optimizing nasal functionality during nasal surgery.

Whether providing a Primary, Revision/Secondary, Ethnic, or Post-traumatic Rhinoplasty, Dr. Hamilton’s ability to reshape and refine the nose creates balance and proportion with other facial features—delivering a very natural, harmonious look that preserves her patients’ own natural facial character. Rhinoplasty is often life-changing surgery for patients in that it greatly boosts their self-confidence and quality of life.

Dr. Hamilton did an amazing job with my nose! Now I feel blessed and prettier! Thank you for your kindness! I really recommend this wonderful doctor! —KI

What Are the Benefits of a Rhinoplasty?

Balanced facial features play a key role in creating an attractive profile. Dr. Hamilton’s signature Rhinoplasty re-sculpts and optimizes the nose to create a beautiful, harmonious, balanced aesthetic, including:

What Does the Rhinoplasty Procedure Entail?

Dr. Hamilton has a passion for rhinoplasty surgery because it involves performing a precise, customized surgery of millimeters that requires creativity, technical skill, accuracy, and finesse to optimally re-shape and balance the human nose. Because the human nose plays such a significant role in the attractiveness and character of the face, a perfectly-executed rhinoplasty will improve the entire facial appearance globally. Each type of rhinoplasty performed—from primary and revision/secondary to ethnic and post-traumatic—optimizes the appearance of the nose and creates natural-looking balance and harmony with the rest of the individual’s facial features.

At the consultation, Dr. Hamilton honors her patients’ unique anatomy, aesthetic and functional goals, collaborating to create a bespoke surgical plan that takes into account the complexity of the nasal structure and the interplay of the nasal skin, bone, and cartilage. As a highly-qualified plastic, reconstructive, and micro surgeon, Dr. Hamilton brings the nose into greater harmony and proportion to create balance amongst the facial features to optimize facial appearance. Tiny incisions are used to access the underlying nasal structures. She can straighten and smooth the bridge (dorsum), create an elegant, upwardly-rotated nasal tip, optimize and balance the size and shape of the nostrils, and straighten a deviated septum. She ensures the end result is an aesthetic nose that functions optimally for ease of breathing. Once the underlying structure of the nose is sculpted to the desired size and shape, she re-drapes nasal skin and tissue, and then the tiny incisions are meticulously sutured for a beautiful finished look once healed.

For patients seeking total profile balancing and full facial enhancement, Dr. Hamilton can also combine rhinoplasty surgery with her other signature surgical or non-surgical Facial Optimization procedures—such as facial fat grafting, surgical or non-surgical brow lift, upper and lower blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), chin augmentation, submental (chin) liposuction, and many other facial contouring techniques.

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Can I Obtain a Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty?

Non-surgical Rhinoplasty—also known as “Liquid Rhinoplasty”—is a highly-specialized, finesse, innovative approach using dermal filler to create a nasal shape and profile in perfect harmony to transform facial beauty instantly—requiring advanced plastic surgery training, an aesthetic eye, and deep knowledge of nasal anatomy. Using these attributes, Dr. Hamilton fine-tuned and developed her signature Non-surgical Rhinoplasty, using her customized techniques to aesthetically reshape or resize the nose—in minutes, without surgery and without downtime—to achieve a smooth, elegant, contoured nose—one that is subtly refined and lifted for harmony, beauty, and a balanced profile.

Dr. Hamilton intricately targets areas deep within the layers of the skin where the nose holds its shape, meticulously using an injectable dermal filler to soften and conceal humps on the nasal bridge, delicately lift the nasal tip, and create the look of a shapely, beautiful nose. Her cutting-edge innovations in Non-surgical Rhinoplasty create stunning transformations that cause the human nose to fade beautifully into the background—looking completely neutral—to enable the patient’s true beauty to emerge; Dr. Hamilton’s powerful yet elegant results attract individuals from around the world seeking out her skill and expertise in nasal aesthetics for an instantaneous boost in facial beauty and confidence.

Whereas Surgical Rhinoplasty is an operation that reconstructs and reshapes the nose, Non-surgical Rhinoplasty is an ideal, alternative procedure for individuals who wish to enhance their nose without undergoing surgery, or who wish to test out a new nasal shape non-surgically before undergoing a Surgical Rhinoplasty for permanent reshaping. We live in a world where the field of plastic surgery is adopting minimally-invasive procedures more and more to achieve results previously only obtainable with surgery. These patients desire long-term subtle refinement, lift, and contour for a beautiful harmonious look that is often life-changing, creating the power to dramatically improve an individual’s self-confidence and outlook on life.

Dr. Hamilton takes a personalized approach to reshaping the human nose non-surgically. The ideal candidate for a non-surgical rhinoplasty has a small bump on the nasal bridge, a downward-pointing tip, and minimal tip definition. Liquid rhinoplasty can instantly lift a droopy nasal tip, smooth out a dorsal hump, straighten an asymmetrical nasal bridge, and create a refined profile by adding volume to targeted areas, thus concealing any irregularities. She creates a beautiful contour, symmetry, and facial balance, while maintaining the natural character of her patient’s face—boosting confidence with results that last for months and years.

For individuals who do eventually decide to undergo Rhinoplasty surgery, Dr. Hamilton employs Non-surgical Rhinoplasty to provide her patients with the opportunity to preview results that can be expected from surgery. In cases where patients are seeking refinement or improvement of a previous surgical Rhinoplasty done elsewhere, Dr. Hamilton expertly uses dermal filler to artistically and flawlessly correct abnormalities non-surgically. Since Dr. Hamilton uses hyaluronic acid-based formulas, the filler can be dissolved at any time to facilitate surgery.

What Is Recovery Like After Rhinoplasty?

For the first week after Surgical Rhinoplasty, patients wear a cast and splints to support and protect their nose. Once removed (typically in 7 days), the nose is taped to provide additional support during the healing process. The aesthetic benefits of rhinoplasty typically begin to become apparent about a week after surgery, with results continuing to improve and become more sculptural as the swelling continues to subside over the course of 12 to 18 months.

Dr. Hamilton employs a specially developed, accelerated recovery protocol, which ensures that patients are able to feel comfortable and resume regular activities shortly after surgery. That said, sports and other activities with a higher likelihood of facial contact should be avoided for up to one month. Managing swelling is typically the primary focus of post-rhinoplasty care. Lymphatic nasal massage is recommended, along with rest, good hydration, and a healthy, protein-rich diet.


Kristy L. Hamilton, MD, FACS is a board-certified plastic and reconstructive plastic surgeon who treats patients from across the United States, Canada, and around the globe.

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Dr. Hamilton looks forward to helping you attain an aesthetically beautiful nose, one that elegantly reflects your unique style and look, while maintaining your natural identity—the hallmark of the new era of Gold-Standard Rhinoplasty Surgery.