Vertical Lip Line Correction

The skin around the lips is delicate and thin. As the skin loses collagen and elastin over time due to the natural aging process, fine vertical lines begin to form above the upper lip. Other factors that spur the formation of upper lip wrinkles include genetics, sun damage, smoking, and regular facial expressions and movements, such as pursing the lips and drinking from straws.

To prevent the formation of Vertical Lip Lines (also called Smoker’s Lines), Dr. Hamilton recommends limiting skin exposure to the sun and daily use of medical-grade skincare products (especially serums and sunscreens) to nourish and protect the skin, starting at an early age.

Dr. Hamilton has developed an effective three-pronged approach to preventing or treating vertical lines and preserve a young-looking, smooth complexion above the upper lip, tailoring a customized plan for each patient. She first uses a muscle-relaxing Neuromodulator such as BOTOX® Cosmetic to smooth the complexion above the upper lip and soften facial movement, such as lip pursing, to prevent wrinkle formation in the delicate skin above the upper lip.

If an individual has already formed vertical lip lines and wrinkles above the upper lip when they first come for a consultation, Dr. Hamilton will also add Laser Skin Resurfacing to the treatment plan which removes damaged skin cells and stimulates collagen production to reveal smoother, tighten skin with fewer wrinkles. The resurfacing reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles above the upper lip, boosts skin quality improving skin tone, texture and plumpness, and firms and tightens the skin, creating lustrously refreshed skin with a smooth, soft, polished texture.

For those individuals who have formed deeper, etched-in vertical lines above the upper lip, Dr. Hamilton performs conservative injections with hyaluronic acid-based Dermal Fillers, which contribute to healthy, supple skin by adding volume to plump up the skin. Using dermal filler conservatively fills in grooves to smooth deep lines and wrinkles and give the skin more structure — without creating a thick, bulky, unnatural look — for a beautifully refreshed appearance and a boost in self-confidence.

Lip Augmentation with fillers beautifully complements Dr. Hamilton’s treatment for vertical lip lines. The lips are injected with hyaluronic acid-based filler, creating fuller, plump lips that balance and harmonize the individual’s facial features. Overall, treatment to prevent and erase vertical lip lines, with the option of augmenting the lips, powerfully revitalizes the look of the face.