Non-Surgical Buttock Augmentation

Nonsurgical Buttock Augmentation is an increasingly popular, injectable treatment — with no downtime — that reshapes, lifts, and contours the buttocks (and hips), providing them with volume and fullness for a smooth and shapely appearance. Dr. Hamilton uses her deep anatomic knowledge to skillfully inject Sculptra, a poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA) that acts like a cosmetic filler to add volume and natural-looking fullness into the buttocks and hip dips for a polished, enhanced look.

Sculptra plumps by activating the skin’s natural regenerative process, stimulating long-term production of collagen — the body’s most abundant protein that forms a structural scaffold for the skin, giving it elasticity and strength for improved skin quality. Another significant benefit of using Sculptra for buttock augmentation — beyond improving skin quality by boosting collagen production — is that finesse, customized, precise micro-adjustments can be made to the buttocks and hips to optimize the patient’s shape. Additionally, results are long-lasting: Sculptra subtly adds volume and fullness over time, defining and sculpting the buttocks and hips to create beautiful, refined curves and a smooth, hourglass shape that lasts 2 years or longer.

Nonsurgical Buttock Augmentation is an excellent, non-surgical alternative to a Surgical Buttock Lift, for individuals who wish to avoid surgery and downtime — yet desire smooth, contoured buttocks and hips. Sculptra Buttock Augmentation is also ideal for individuals who do buttock-lifting exercises, yet have yet to see the results desired from their workouts. It appeals to individuals with cellulite as Sculptra smooths out dimples caused by cellulite. This technique is also a great option for patients who desire fat transfer to the buttock, but do not have enough donor fat to be able to perform the surgical version of this procedure. People who have experienced pregnancy, natural aging, and weight loss will benefit by having their natural curves, fullness, and shape restored. A minimum of 2 sessions is recommended, scheduled one month apart — precisely focusing on the buttocks and hips to create a smooth, shapely, customized look.